StraightForward Pricing™

You know the price before the work begins, in writing.

At ElectricMedic, we believe in providing an upfront guaranteed price, in writing, using our StraightForward Pricing™ system so that you, the homeowner understand what’s involved before we get started. Our Electrician will show you in writing exactly what the cost will be to perform the work. There will be no surprises after the work has been completed.

When our fully licenced Electrician arrives at your home for an electrical diagnosis and repair, he'll be able to perform the work at that time for most electrical problems or situations. He will evaluate the problem or installation and explain all of the options available to you. We believe in taking the necessary time at each service call to understand your situation thoroughly so that you get what you want and need, and also so that we don’t miss an important safety hazard in your home.

When something goes wrong with your electrical system, you want it fixed right away. Problems with your electrical system can be scary, stressful, expensive, and even dangerous, but most electrical problems can be avoided with the right team on your side – a team that presents you with the options that are most appropriate for your home and family and one that is in your best interest and safety.

Why we don't do free estimates for service calls…

First of all, no estimate is ever free. Many contractors blend in or bury their travel or dispatch fees in their estimates or charge a minimum hourly rate per service call (e.g. minimum of 3 hours per service call).

The reason why we don’t do free estimates is two-fold.

Unfortunately what we have found in our industry is that many electrical contractors that do not always specialize in residential service come out for free to try and fill in a not so busy schedule. They try to spend as little time as possible with a homeowner just in case they “don’t get the job”. This means in many cases that not only do they miss the little things that make an “ok” job a great job they also tend to miss the larger safety hazards that really should be addressed. It’s not because they don’t care, it’s because they are not residential experts, and they do not specialize strictly in residential service like ElectricMedic does.

Secondly, we insist on being up-front about our pricing and how we work with our clients. We do not provide estimates when we visit you on a service call – we provide you with a guaranteed price – our quote in writing. We have no hidden costs or fees. This is why we charge a dispatch fee and provide a guaranteed quoted price that puts your mind at ease about the scope of any potential project.

Seniors Discount and New Customer Coupon

We believe in payback to the Seniors in our community and gladly offer Seniors a 10% discount or $25 off on all of our services, whichever is greater.

New customers can click and print our coupon below to receive $25 off your next ElectricMedic Service.

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