Knob and Tube

Is Knob and Tube wiring safe?
There are a number of concerns with Knob and Tube wiring. Some of them are listed here…

  • It is an ungrounded system, which provides a greater chance of shock or electrocution and of damage to sensitive equipment.
  • It is very old wiring (at least 62 years old, at best), and in many cases has deteriorated, cracked or missing insulation, which can lead to fires.
  • The original switches and receptacles are not CSA approved, and in many cases the contacts are loose inside the device, which makes for a poor electrical connection and the potential for fire.
  • It is common to find that newer wiring has been improperly connected to Knob and Tube wiring by amateurs, resulting in dangerous conditions in the form of shock hazard, reverse polarity problems, switched neutrals, overloaded circuits, and fire hazards, to name just a few.

Like other components of your home, such as your roof, furnace, Air Conditioner and plumbing, there comes a time when replacement is necessary. That time has come for Knob and Tube wiring.

What can you do about it?
In our opinion, rewiring the home is the only solution that correctly addresses Knob and Tube wiring. Other solutions like eliminating it only where it is open to view (in basements and attics), or installing GFCI receptacles, are band-aid solutions that we do not recommend. Although installing GFCI protection may be acceptable to the Electrical Safety Authority, GFCI receptacles may not work in situations with shared neutrals (commonly found in Knob and Tube wired homes).

Rewiring the home is an investment that adds substantial value to your home. It is a major project that may take 1-3 weeks, depending on the size and construction of the home. It is the best solution to serve your long-term interests.

Something else to consider if you have Knob and Tube wiring, is that it was not designed for use with thermal insulation. Today, many homes with Knob and Tube wiring have either blown-in or batt insulation installed. This may cause overheating in the insulation or even a fire hazard.

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